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Solihull Local Plan

This link will give you access to the Solihull Local Plan, and the concept master plans  

To see the plans for sites in Catherine de Barnes Ward go to page 193 for Oak Farm (HA2) and page 222 for SO1 


You can read the final submission from HPC and the Residents' Assocation here

Submission of Local Plan for Examination

On the 13 May 2021 the Council submitted the Local Plan to the Secretary of State (via the Planning Inspectorate) for it to be independently examined. 

The Solihull Local Plan has now moved to the Independent Examination Phase which can be  followed at

Thank you to all the residents who who sent us their names in support of our objections to the Local Plan.  

The submission from Hampton Parish Council and Catherine de Barnes Residents' Association was sent in to SMBC before the deadline in December 2020 with the list of 152 residents who supported us.



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