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Village Hall comp 2015

Catney Common

Go and have a look at what has been achieved, and if you have any ideas about how the Common can be developed please do drop Frances Cook, our secretary, a line on


Catney Common, on Bickenhill Lane just over the canal bridge, is a very rare area of ancient common land. There are still people in the village who remember when sheep were grazed there. This section of Catherine de Barnes was always in Hampton Parish and so Hampton Parish Council are and have been responsible for this land.


For the past few years a group of local residents has been active in working on the common and seeking to maintain and restore the area. We now have a budget from Hampton PC and working parties assemble monthly to work on various projects.

They have sought advice from SMBC and others. The paths have been covered  with wood chips, unwanted plants are being removed and new trees have been planted.

catney common oct
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