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Village Hall comp 2015

Fund Raising

Fund raising without effort


If you want to support Catherine de Barnes Village Hall here is an easy way to do it.


If you use the internet for shopping then you can raise funds through a site called The site has links with over 2400 retailers, insurance companies and even holiday providers. These companies either give a donation or a percentage when you buy from them through the easyfundraising web site. If you fancy having a go this is what you need to do.


1   In your web browser log onto or click on the link here

Select Support a good cause


2   In the search for a cause box type in Catherine de Barnes Village Hall. We appear about fourth in the list. (Note the cricket club is already signed up!) Select the Hall and press Go


3   On the next page select Support this cause


4   Then create an account by following the instructions. When you have done this you can download an app which sits on your browser and tells you when donations are available on the different web sites. If you are just browsing and don’t intend to shop you can speed things up by disabling the app, but do not forget to turn it back on when you are going shopping. They say up to 5 times more money is raised if you use the app.

The site is full of ideas so spend some time looking around.


Happy fund raising!

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